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Revopunks is an invitational speed shooting competition designed to highlight the skill and elegance of the endangered art of revolver shooting while enhancing it with modern technological advancements.


Oh, and dressing up in rad outfits is encourage.



PPH (Points Per Hit)

Each revolver will score a certain amount of points per target hit based on the revolver's attributes. The starting point total for a successful hit on target is 7 points (7 PPH). Revolvers will gain additional PPH for each of the following attributes:
6 Shot Cylinder: +1 PPH
5 Shot Cylinder: +2 PPH

Single Action Only: +1 PPH
Snub Nose Barrel (3" or Shorter): +1 PPH

Low Power Ammo: -1 PPH*


EXAMPLE: Spike's five shot revolver has a 2.5" barrel. Starting with the base PPH of 7, he adds +2 for the 5 shot cylinder, and another +1 for the snub nose barrel. All together, his gun has a total of 10 PPH. 

Special Single Action Only Rules:

Two single action revolvers will be required in place of a reloading device if a shooter chooses to use single action only revolvers. In the case of single action revolvers without a transfer bar, only 5 rounds should be loaded and the shooter will gain the +2PPH for having a 5 shot cylinder.

Power Requirements

Some steel targets will require enough power to knock them down. 22 rimfire ammunition will rarely knock these targets over, and so centerfire ammunition is encouraged. If a target is designed to fall, the target will not count as a hit unless it falls and therefore may require additional shots from lightly loaded ammunition.

*If you use low power ammunition like 22lr, you may be exempt from having to knock over targets but you will receive a -1 PPH.

Holster and Loader Requirements

All shooters will need to use a safe holster that does not require a support hand to draw or re-holster the revolver. At least one speed loading device should be accessible to the shooter on their belt.​ If a shooter does not have a holster they may start from the low ready and gain a +2 second penalty to each string time.

Single action revolver shooters MUST have two holsters to compete.

Optics, Lasers, Compensators, and Other Upgrades:
Modern improvments like red dot sights, compensators, lasers, and grip modifications are always allowed and encouraged. There is no PPH modification for not having these improvements, so you may as well get a red dot!



Stage Scoring (Modified Hit Factor)

Each stage will be timed from the beep sound of the timer to the last shot taken. The shooter's score will be the amount of points they received for successful hits across each string combined divided by the total time in seconds it took them to finish all strings. The result will be their Points Per Second and that will be their stage score. At the end each stage, all stage scores will be compared to determine stage ranking. 

STAGE SCORE EXAMPLE: On a stage with 2 strings, Faye shoots the first string in 8.5 seconds and the second string in 10.2 seconds for a total of 18.7 seconds. Between the two strings she gets a total of 20 hits with no targets left un-hit. Her gun's PPH is 7, so she gets a total of 140 points. She then divides her points by her total time to produce her average 'points per second,' and that is her stage score: 7.49

Shooters will shoot each target array until each target is hit or until their gun is empty. On stages that have multiple target arrays and shooting boxes, If a shooter's gun runs empty while engaging the first target array the shooter is forced to reload and move on to the next shooting box and array. If a shooter draws their gun before the beep they will gain a +3 second penalty.

Determining Match Results (Rank Points)

After each stage shooters will earn Rank Points (RP) based on their stage performance. If there ten shooters in a match, 10 RP  will be awarded for earning 1st place in a stage, 9 RP for second, 8 RP third and so on. After all four stages are complete, the shooter with the highest number of total RP is the winner!

Stages and Strings

Revopunks competitions have 4 stages per event that always meet the following criteria:

Stage 1:

  • 1 array of 5 large targets shot from a single shooting box

  • 3 strings of fire

  • no reloads permitted


Stage 2:

  • 2 arrays of 4 targets each shot from 2 separate shooting boxes

  • 2 strings of fire

  • 1 forced reload between shooting boxes

Stage 3:

  • 1 array of 2 small or dynamic targets shot from a single shooting box

  • 3 strings of fire

  • no reloads permitted


Stage 4:

  • 2 arrays of 5 targets each shot from 2 separate shooting boxes

  • 2 strings of fire

  • 1 forced reload between shooting boxes


Event Registration

Next Event January 23th 2022, 3:15pm

RRGC Action Bay 5

Maximum 10 shooters

You will be redirected to a form AFTER payment. Please complete that form!




1/23/2022 Final Scores


3/27/2021 Final Scores


2/7/2021 Final Scores

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