Sunday March 28th, 2021

9:00am - 12:00pm

$120 per person  - Maximum 5 Participants

This event will be held at the Richmond Rod & Gun Club, and will be instructed by Reilly Bodycomb of Guidance Steel Target Shooting.

This event will cover the following subjects:

  • The fundamentals of firearm safety

  • The fundamentals of action range safety

  • Competition range commands and procedures

  • Effective grip, stance, and body position for speed shooting

  • Fast target acquisition and safely drawing from a holster

  • Smooth transitions between multiple targets

  • Shooting Moving Targets

The participant must provide their own firearm and 150 rounds of appropriate target ammunition. Eye and ear protection is also Required.

Acceptable firearms include any of the following:

  • Semi-Auto Centerfire Pistols (with SCSA/USPSA legal holster)

  • Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers (with SCSA/USPSA legal holster)

  • Semi-Auto Rimfire Pistol (with SCSA/USPSA legal holster)


Additional required equipment:

  • Kydex Holster (Non SERPA!)

  • At least 3 magazines/speed loaders/moon clips (5 would be ideal)

If you have any questions about equipment please contact Reilly at for assistance.
Some accommodations can be made for people without holsters or mag pouches.

Held at the Richmond Rod & Gun Club

3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

Contact Reilly Bodycomb for more information at

or text him at 510-422-4464

© 2021 by Reilly Bodycomb