October 7-8, 2022

Introduction to dynamic steel target shooting


This is a 2 part course that will introduce new shooters to the fun and exciting sport of action shooting. This course will cover everything from the basics of firearm safety to engaging multiple targets quickly, to speed reloading on the move. No previous competitive shooting experience is required!


Required Gear:

  • A semi-auto pistol or double action revolver that you personally have put at least 100 rounds through that you have determined to be reliable. It can be in a rimfire or centerfire caliber. 

  • 200 rounds of ammunition per course section (400 total)

  • Three magazine or revolver speed loaders/moon clips

  • A soft, easy to open gun bag/gun rug

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Closed toed shoes

  • (Mag pouches and a kydex holster are optional but won't be required)


Part 1:

We will start off with fundamental range safety and  thoroughly go over the safety expectations of a competitive action range.

We will then start working on grip, stance, and sight picture while shooting multiple steel targets. Shooters will be introduced to the shot timer, a tool all competitive action shooting competitions use to keep track of how fast everyone is going, and what type of range commands you will receive while doing one of these types of competitions. Shooters will get to try their hand at moving steel targets and we will wrap up by doing a real competition stage from the speed shooting sport known as Steel Challenge! We will then get to see how our speed compares to the current world wide ranks to benchmark us for the future.


Part 2:

We will start off by taking another shot at our Steel Challenge stage and look for ways we can improve. Shooters will then learn the basic principles and techniques of speed reloading and practice doing it while moving. The rest of the session will focus on footwork between shooting positions and some instances of how to shoot while moving effectively. We will finish up with a fun stage that includes multiple reloads and shooting positions with lots of footwork! It's going to be a blast! 

This is an LGC members only event. To learn more event details or become a member, click below!