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The Guidance Shooting Club is a series of exclusive gatherings for the sophisticated adventurer who enjoys the good things in life: A roaring campfire, a breath of fresh mountain air, and the challenge of pushing vintage American firearms to their limits.  Attendance to these events is permitted by invitation or referral only. If you have trained with Guidance before you are automatically welcome to attend.

If you are new to Guidance and interested in beginning your training with us, take a look at our Private Lesson section HERE.

upcoming events

  • February 24th - 26th 2023:
    All-Inclusive Mountain Retreat  

    • Non-Member Price: $900 / Member Price: $750

  • TBD Dates:
    Cowboy Match Retreat

    • Members only: $225 - $375​


Mountain Retreat

February 24th - 26th, 2023

*Tie and Waistcoat Recommended

Guidance Steel Target Shooting is excited to present a new series of multi-day action shooting retreats for Guidance Shooting Club members and invited guests held in the foothills of Yosemite on a private 120 acre ranch! These retreats will include all firearms and ammo required for each session, home cooked meals every day, and a bunk house for sleeping or a tent site for those who prefer to camp.

Each session will be taught by Reilly Bodycomb.

  • Guest Price: $900 / Member Price: $750




Richmond Range & Kings River Regulators

This is a member exclusive retreat for intermediate shooters. This is a special retreat where attendees will get to practice key aspects of cowboy action shooting on Saturday afternoon in Richmond Rod & Gun Club, and then attend a real Cowboy Action competition at the Kings River Regulators range in Fresno the following day. Competition quality ammo is can be provided for the training and competition, as well as any cowboy firearms that the attendee is currently missing from their collection. Cowboy outfits and holsters are required!

Included in this Retreat:

  •  Saturday 3pm-5pm: Cowboy Shooting training session at Richmond Rod & Gun Club

  • Sleeping accommodations Saturday night

  • Sunday 7am: Coffee & to-go breakfast

  • Sunday 9am-1pm: Cowboy Action Competition at Kings River Regulators Range

  • Ammunition for both training and match is available

  • Match registration costs

  • loaner firearms potentially available if needed 

Member Price: $225
Member price w/ammo service: $375


Guidance alumni and personally invited individuals are eligible for club membership. Members get significant discounts on all camps and events in the 2023 calendar year. They may also invite guests to any club event who can join the training at non-member prices. Below are the following currently scheduled events and other discounts:

Retreats -

  • Date TBD:
    Cowboy Match Retreat

  • Member Price: $225 - $375

  • February 24th - 26th:
    All-Inclusive Mountain Retreat

    • Guest Price: $900 / Member Price: $750

Private Lessons -

  • 1 Hour Private Lesson (Can be split between 3 members): 

    • Not Available to non-members / Member Price: $180

  • 2 Hour Private Lesson (Can be split between 3 members): 

    • Guest Price: $400 / Member Price: $360

  • 2 Hour Private Lesson 2-pack: 

    • Guest Price: $700 / Member Price: $660

Referral Bonus -

  • If any of your non-member friends or family accompany you to a retreat for their first time, you will receive $100 off of your personal registration price for that retreat.

Remainder of 2023 Membership:
*Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable