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The Guidance Shooting Club hosts a series of exclusive gatherings for the sophisticated adventurer who enjoys the good things in life: A roaring campfire, a breath of fresh mountain air, and the challenge of pushing vintage American firearms to their limits.  Attendance to these events is permitted by invitation or referral only. If you have already trained with us at Guidance Steel Target Shooting, feel free to reach out if you are interested in attending these events.

If you are new to Guidance and interested in beginning your training with us, take a look at our Private Lesson section HERE.

upcoming events

Mountain Retreats

  • March 22-24 2024

    • ​(Cowboy Action Shooting)

  • May 24-26 2024

    • ​(Snub-nosed Revolver and Pump Shotgun)

  • October 4-6 2024

    •  (Vintage Action Shooting Championships)

  • December 6-8 2024

    • ​​(1911 and Pump Shotgun)

Vintage Action Shooting Match  LEARN MORE

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