Our goal is to provide you or your small group with a safe, exciting, and challenging shooting experience. With this in mind, Guidance offers a unique opportunity to shoot a verity of different firearms at an exciting array of steel targets. This type of training is way more fun and fast-paced than just shooting slowly at paper targets at a public gun range. No previous experience is required for your first session, as you will be taught the safe-handling principles and the fundamentals of marksmanship necessary to enjoy your experience and build some real shooting skills along the way.


  • Guidance offers a friendly training environment to anyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or race.

  • We have some of the only dynamic steel target action shooting training in the Bay Area.

  • We provide high-quality firearms and ammunition, as well as laser training devices in all our group training sessions.

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All equipment and ammunition is provided!

In this private group session participants will get to shoot competition-quality guns at exciting and challenging steel targets. Held in a private outdoor area of the gun range, this course will cover everything from the basics of firearm safety to engaging multiple targets quickly. No previous experience is required. This is the perfect package for small private parties and team building events of 2 to 5 people.

Two Hour Lesson (1 to 3 people)

$450 - $500 Per Group

$625 - $700 Per Group

Three Hour Group Lesson (max 5 people)

All equipment and ammunition is provided!

(Completion of Level 1 Required)

This is a small group course for people who have previously done a session with Guidance before or have received  special permission to attend.

This group session will expand on the skills developed in the Dynamic Steel Target Shooting Level 1 course by introducing new elements like speed reloading, moving while shooting, and drawing from a holster. 

Two Hour Lesson (1 to 3 people)

$450 - $500 Per Group

Three Hour Group Lesson (max 5 people)

$625 - $700 Per Group

All equipment and ammunition is provided!



If you own a handgun and want to improve your fundamentals of marksmanship, safe gun handling principles, and dynamic speed shooting techniques, a private lesson is a good option. 

You will get the rare opportunity of shooting multiple steel target arrays on a private outdoor section of the gun range where you can focus on developing serious skills without the common distractions you will find at a public range.

$350 For Two Hours
Lesson Two Pack for $600

You will be required to provide your own handgun and at least 150 rounds of the appropriate target ammunition per lesson.


"Reilly turned an intimidating setting into a safe, fun, and empowering experience. It just further confirmed that he is a brilliant instructor in any subject he is passionate about."

Gauri D. mother of two and former high school teacher

"Reilly Bodycomb doesn't just give a one size fits all approach. When supporting me in my shooting, he's identified what are my biggest problem areas and showed me the proper adjustments. The care and attention to detail you get is unrivaled."

Eric G. non profit program director

"I had so much fun shooting for the first time today. I’d never even held a gun, but Reilly made the experience feel safe and fun."

Kate M. interior designer


About the Instructor

Reilly Bodycomb

Reilly Bodycomb is a class 'A' ranked competition pistol and rifle shooter in SCSA. He is also a certified firearms instructor with both the California Department of Justice and the LGCas well as Wilderness First Aid certified with NOLS. Reilly takes great joy in shooting metal plates really fast in his free time, and thinks you will love it too. When he is not at the range, Reilly is a professional hand-to-hand combat instructor teaching out of Bay Jiu-Jitsu in Berkeley, California.

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Call or Text:

(510) 422-4464


All live-fire sessions are held at:

Richmond Rod and Gun Club
3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801