Action Shooting & Grappling

Mountain Ranch Retreat
July 16-18



Guidance Steel Target Shooting, Bay Jiu-Jitsu, and Rdojo.com are excited to present a 3-day training camp held on a private ranch near Yosemite, California. In this camp students will learn some advanced grappling skills as well as be introduced to the exciting sport of action shooting!

Camp classes taught by Reilly Bodycomb

  • Pan-Am Sambo Champion

  • BJJ Black Belt

  • Class-A SCSA Competition Shooter

  • California DOJ Firearms Instructor

To attend this camp students should have at least one year of grappling experience and be prepared for rigorous physical training. There is no skill requirement for the shooting aspect of the training as long as the student is legally allowed to possess a firearm in the USA. All ammunition and firearms are provided. If you have any questions about the camp, please email guidancesteel@gmail.com for more information.




Campers will start off by learning the fundamentals of marksmanship and firearms safety. After that we will go over the basic principles and techniques of "Action Shooting," a category of shooting sports that involves elements like shooting multiple targets quickly, fast drawing from a holster, speed reloading firearms, and safely moving between shooting positions. 

Participants will get to work with a variety of firearms, including semi-automatic handguns and rifles, cowboy era single-action firearms, and clay shooting shotguns.

This camp will be taught predominantly with 22lr guns and ammo. If you would like to learn how to more effectively use your own 9mm or larger caliber handgun, you may train with it provided you have the correct holster, belt and mag pouches. You will also need at least 300 rounds of appropriate target ammunition.



Guard Retention Alternatives

Our first session will go over alternatives to shrimping and traditional guard recovery in a way that increases your potential attacks when reversing positions.

Dominant and Dynamic Top Control

Our second session will be on how to integrate all of your top control positions and introduce an alternative to back attacks that keep you near the top position.

Getting Fights To The Ground

In our third session we will explore the best footwork for entering into takedowns in a striking environment, as well as the most efficient and powerful ways of getting fights to the ground.

Competition Context Based Decision Making

In every session we will discuss how to develop the most beneficial sparring and drilling practices to maximize your training for competition success.



Our private ranch has over 100 acres of sprawling nature, a gun range, a bunk house, a grappling gym, a swimming pool, an outdoor grill, a fire pit, a mini-bike with a side car, and a coop full of lovable chickens!

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, check out the options near Oakhurst, CA



  • Transportation from Fresno Airport (FAT) on Thursday, July 15th
  • Lodging in our bunk house (You have the option to camp in the wilderness if you bring your own tent!)
  • Daily grappling lessons and training sessions!
  • Daily shooting instruction and range practice time!
  • All ammunition needed for the camp is provided!
  • Gunshot wound treatment course taught by a licensed EMT, where you can earn a "Stop The Bleed" certificate.
  • Complimentary fireside welcome dinner on first night of camp.
  • Daily pool parties!




(In the event of a personal emergency,

your registration can be transferred to a new party or saved for a future camp)



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any competitive shooting experience?
Not at all! This camp is well suited to new shooters.
Do I need any grappling experience?
Yes. Students should have at least one year of submission grappling experience to attend this camp.
Do I need any training equipment?
No Gi grappling clothing for 3 days of training would be a must. Your own towel and flip flops for showering would also be a good idea.
What about food?
We will take the campers to the store to stock up on food and sundries for the weekend. There will be a cooler, gas grill, and stovetop provided to prepare meals. There are a few restaurants about 20 minutes away.
Do I need any shooting equipment?
Not at all! Students will be provided with all the training equipment and ammo needed for the camp. However, the majority of your training will be taught with low recoil, 22lr ammo. You may bring and use your own firearms in the camp provided they are California legal, and you have at least 300 rounds of the appropriate target ammo for them. If you bring extra ammo you can also get extra training time to work on the more advanced stuff you don't normally get to do on a public gun range.

Be sure to closely follow the TSA laws on flying with a firearm as seen 
HERE. Furthermore, be sure your handgun follows California laws. Check HERE for details.
Where do I fly into?
Fresno FAT on Thursday, July 15th. Transportation will be provided from the airport to our ranch.
Can I bring my family?
Yes, as long as you also bring a tent and camping supplies, as the bunk house will not be able to sustain anyone beyond the 10 camp attendees. Alternatively, you can find a hotel in nearby Oakhurst, CA.
Who do I ask if I have any other questions?
email guidancesteel@gmail.com for more information.