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Double Tap Camp

November 22 - 24

Maximum Capacity 10
$500 Non-Refundable


There are still spots open for the grappling portion. To register for just the grappling portion CLICK HERE.

Guidance Steel Target Shooting and Rdojo.com are excited to present a 3-day training camp where students will learn some advanced no-gi grappling skills as well as be introduced to the exciting sport of action shooting! To attend this camp students should have at least two years of grappling experience and be prepared for rigorous physical training. There is no skill requirement for the shooting aspect of the training as long as the student is legally allowed to possess a firearm in the USA. All ammunition and firearms are provided. If you have any questions about the camp, please email guidancesteel@gmail.com for more information.

Schedule (subject to change)

Check In: November 22nd 9:30 am
We will meet at Bay Jiu-Jitsu in Berkeley at 2529 Telegraph Ave.

After check-in, we will go over some safety rules before heading to the range.

Session 1: 11am - 2pm
Shooting Session 1

In our first session students will learn how to safely handle a variety of firearms, and learn the basics of speed shooting including quick sight acquisition, trigger control, and transitioning between multiple targets.

Lunch Break

Session 2: 4pm - 7pm
Shooting Session 2

In our second shooting session students will learn how to draw from the holster, speed reload, and safely move between engaging targets.

November 23rd
Session 3: 11am - 1pm
Grappling Session 1

In our first grappling session we will go over pressure passing and developing a brutal mount. Students will also learn how to connect their pressure passing to quick leg lock finishes.

Lunch Break

Session 4: 3pm - 5pm

Grappling Session 2
In our second grappling session we will go over leg entanglements from the bottom position, with emphasis on the outside ankle lock.

Session 5: 7pm - 9pm
Airsoft Party!

We will caravan over to an underground paintball/airsoft venue in San Francisco and partake in some epic airsoft duels!

November 24th

Session 6: 10am - 12pm

Grappling Session 3
In our third and final grappling session we will go over using the headlock throw as a means of escape from nearly every bottom position.

Lunch Break

Session 7: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Shooting Session 3
In our final shooting session we will connect all of our skills together and attempt to pass the 'Guidance Stage 2.0': a multi-part action shooting stage that involves shooting moving targets, reloading while moving, and fast transitions. The fastest shooter will receive an award for their performance.